Thursday, September 15, 2011

May 30, 2017

We will also be having Free Fitness activities until the end of the school year. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Make ups for P.E. are held during your academic prep, as well as 7:15 to 7:30 AM.Mon. thru Thurs.,and 2:30 to 2:45 PM Monday thru Thursday. You will need to change for class when you come for make ups out of your academic prep , but not for the morning or afternoon make ups. Just make sure to wear sneakers for the AM and PM make ups. Again, We do change for our morning or afternoon make ups, but we do for academic prep make ups. Two make ups are required for the AM, and PM make ups per class as they are only 15 minutes each and one when you come from academic prep.. Reminder.... Students who come unprepared for class are not eligible for make ups unless there is an extenuating circumstance discussed with me.

The following is the procedure to follow for making up your classwork for Phys. Ed:
If you are absent or excused from class,see me for a pass to make up your classwork during your academic prep or during AM. or PM. make ups. You have approximately one week to make up your work from the date of your absence or excuse or when I have issued you passes unless other arrangements have been made with me. Again,we do not make up classes if you come to class unprepared to participate.
< Be prepared to participate in class by changing in your P.E. attire. You must follow the dress code for Phys.Ed. as outlined in your student handbook, and on the classroom expectations sheet. As a reminder, no collared shirts for Phys. Ed, no logo's or any print other than Spartans or North Schuylkill. Shorts are expected not to be any shorter than 3 inches above the knee .Neither shorts nor shirts are to have any prints, support a company, or other school other than our own. Underpants are not to be exposed. A repeat violation of the dress code will result in a call home to a parent, and referral to the Dean's office.

Grading is determined by calculating the number of classes you have participated in, divided by the number of classes in the unit, multiplied by 100.
Bonus Points Question Who can create a sentence using the word Quixotic pertaining to health and or physical education? Write your sentence on a piece of paper and give it to me when I have you for class.